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Customer Spotlight: ScanSKU Picking with Techsew

Raphael Sewing Machines Inc. / Techsew has reduced picking time by 20%. Now orders move from picking area to shipping station with less delay and greater accuracy

Raphael Sewing Machines Inc. / Techsew was established in 1974 as a supplier of new and used industrial sewing machines for the manufacturing industry in Montreal, Canada.  As the business continued to grow through the 80s and 90s, they introduced a new brand of industrial sewing machines and manufacturing equipment for the production of leather goods, apparel. Techsew was born in the late 90s and was introduced to an international marketplace demanding high quality machinery at more competitive prices. They have since shipped machines to thousands of hobbyists, small, medium and large businesses around the world. This growth, as well as a warehouse of over 1000+ SKUs, has led to challenges around picking and packing


 “We were looking for a simple and quick way to lookup inventory stock locations, and detailed SKU information without having to go to a computer station in our warehouse.” Mike from Techsew Explains

Like most SMBs, Techsew wanted a standalone picking solution which was easy for the warehouse employees to use, yet robust to handle large numbers of orders. What started with a Google Search for solutions resulted in the implementation of the ScanSKU Picking Platform.

“We can scan a product barcode from a packing slip to easily find the item’s location within our warehouse.  Considering we have over 1000 SKUs, being able to pick multiple parts in one run without having to go back and forth from a computer has saved countless hours so far.  Our employees can with just their cell phone, find an item within the warehouse.”

And what results has Techsew seen so far?

“Picking time has been reduced by 20%, orders move from picking area to shipping station with less delay, and more accuracy, because the item barcode scan looks up the item description as well to better identify the part in question”

Even with these savings, Techsew isn’t resting in its Laurels.

“In the future we will develop a system to lookup a customer’s complete web order in details by inputting the order number which will bypass the need for a paper-packing sheet to be scanned when preparing every new order.”

Techsew Snapshot

No. of employees: 10

No. warehouses: 2

No. product lines: 1000+

No. years in business: 45